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annoying hipsters copy brandy

rihanna tries to be brandy again

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rihanna copies brandy

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Rihanna & the girl from Anaconda copy Brandy

rihanna copies brandy

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Long before Rihanna came up with her “R” logo, Brandy used a “B” logo, proving that Rihanna copies Brandy.  We all know Rihanna is obsessed with becoming a 21st century Brandy, so this is not very shocking

Rihanna copies Brandy

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Rihanna copies Brandy’s hair + color

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"When I buy an album I hate when I have to skip songs and I just have two songs to listen to. Brandy’s Afrodisiac album really helped to inspire that as well, because that album I listen to all day, all night. When I was in the studio that was the album that I listened to all the time and I really admired that every song was a great song. You could listen to the entire album. And I was like, ”You know what? I have to make an album like this.”

- Rihanna on copying Brandy

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